Monday Update from CheckAlt

As banks and credit unions consider the current situation, managing check processing is a clear issue. This is work that cannot be done remotely.

To debate why folks still write checks is moot. To comprehend why millions of online bill payment instructions still drop to check is a waste of time. Checks need to be processed, so CheckAlt is providing its 13-site network of processing centers across the country with no setup fees for all new customer standard setups. We can accept your mail, open, scan, batch, and send files to you.

We will overcome this challenging time by creating solutions that are scalable, thoughtful, and alleviate concerns that others are facing.

At CheckAlt, we continue acting on our values of optimism, positivity, and community. Please feel free to call, text, or WhatsApp me at the number below, or reply to this email any time.

Stay healthy!

Shai Stern
Co-Chairman and CEO



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Update from Sunday, March 15, 2020

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