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What is Risk Module?

CheckAlt’s Risk Module detects fraud and assesses risk of deposits, allowing Financial Institutions and Businesses to accept, decline, or review an item before processing. Risk Module rapidly scans transactions against robust consumer data sources populated by Financial Institutions across the country.
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Real-Time Monitoring of Transactions

Enables real-time assessment of critical elements of transactions that can quickly guide back-office staff to accept, decline, or review an item before it is processed.
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Flagging of Potentially Fraudulent Items in Seconds

Rapidly scans transactions against consumer data sources populated by Financial Institutions across the country, flagging items with varying degrees of risk.
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Configurable to Deposit Approval Rules

Matches to configured deposit approval rules, automating time-intensive manual tasks.

Simplifies Bank History Reporting for New Accounts 

Improves detection of fraudulent behavior while excluding legitimate transactions—reducing false positives and overhead cost.

The Benefits of Risk Module

Benefits for Financial Institutions

Benefits for Businesses

Whether used on its own or paired with any of CheckAlt's deposit imaging solutions, Risk Module helps ensure Financial Institutions: 1) flag and prevent fraudulent activity, 2) are audit-ready, and 3) meet the processing speed demands of customers with rapid risk assessment of suspicious transactions.
Businesses can save time and avoid becoming victims in fraudulent transaction situations. This prevents delays in receiving transactions while prioritizing security and protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Risk Module work with other CheckAlt products?

Risk Module enables customers to monitor key risk indicators to proactively manage risk via CheckAlt's CaptureNet Management. Risk Module responses are tied to CaptureNet Management’s existing deposit approval rules and follow the same hierarchy (deposit approval rules set up by the Financial Institution). Responses are based on fraud indicators such as deposit patterns, historical data of account, ABA, and account number structure format validation.

What are the different Risk Module implementation options?

Risk Module can be implemented on its own or paired with CheckAlt deposit imaging solutions; it is particularly useful with RDC.

How do I get started with Risk Module?

Risk Module implementation is fast and straightforward. Fill out the form on the right for more details.


Existing CheckAlt ConsumerCapture, DepositGo, and RDC API clients can enjoy the upgraded experience by reaching out to their Relationship Manager.