Loan Payment Processing

✓ Accelerate loan payment processing for your financial institution


✓ Fully hosted, highly flexible web platform accepts payments across multiple channels


✓ Seamless integration with your existing website or mobile application

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CheckAlt LoanPay is an online loan payment application that enables financial institutions to accept loan, mortgage and credit card payments from their customers. With LoanPay’s fully hosted, white-label web platform, your bank or credit union can process loan payments quickly and easily via credit/debit card, ACH or eCheck. Whether used online, at the branch or over the phone, CheckAlt LoanPay will help your institution improve processing efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction.


Easy Integration

Integrates seamlessly with your existing website or mobile application via an API and offers multiple payment options, including credit/debit, ACH and eChecks.

Customizable Features

Customize the general look and feel of the web application to match your branding through a hosted link or through an optional single sign-on login process.

Flexible Payments

Set up one-time or recurring payments, edit existing payments and cancel future payments. Users can also choose to pay from any internal or external bank account.


Real-time Reporting

Access account information, such as payment due dates, amounts due and current balances, in real-time so customers can easily check on the status of their loans.


Newly Enhanced Features

    • Offers both fully hosted and single sign-on integration options
    • Supports multiple integrated payment channels, including credit/debit, ACH and eCheck
    • Allows users to manage one-time and recurring payments through web and mobile applications
    • Provides users with current loan information such as balances, amounts due, and due dates


Benefits to Financial Institutions

    • Increased efficiencies and accelerated funding by accepting fast and easy online payments.
    • Reduced support calls by providing customers with current loan account data in real-time.
    • Improved customer satisfaction by providing convenient payment choices.
    • Complete control over the customer experience by using our easy-to-integrate API.


Benefits to Customers

  • Avoid late fees by setting up automated payments and receiving confirmations.
  • Increased efficiencies by making payments when and where it is most convenient for you.
  • Reduced costs and lead time associated with mailing checks.
  • Greater visibility on your loan’s status by viewing account data in real-time.