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Nationwide Lockbox Processing Centers


✓ Largest Independent Provider of Lockbox Services in the U.S.


✓ Inexpensive Payment Processing with Next-Day Clearing


✓ Easy-to-Use Interface with Dedicated Customer Support

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An Innovative Lockbox Model

  • Hub-and-spoke processing through our nationwide network.
  • Configurable to your business model so you can specify the level of control your business maintains. Easy-to-use online interface presents details of payment activity.
  • Advanced product functionalities benefit you instantly.
  • The customizable service allows you to implement without expensive investments in software, hardware, maintenance, and technical support.


Nationwide Network of Processing Sites

Fourteen locations throughout the United States are available to accept customer payments faster to accelerate processing and revenue recognition.


  • Accept eCheck payments online.
  • Next-day clearing of payments made before daily cut-off time.
  • Inexpensive payment processing.
  • Up to 6 lines of customized data to improve visibility and reduce disputes.
  • Integration support and assistance from the CheckAlt technology team.


Designed to Meet the Needs of Financial Institutions

Option 1

Total outsourced model reduces your cost and gives you instant access to a nationwide remittance network. We provide all resources–processing facilities, personnel, equipment, and software–and scan and process all your clients’ payments at any one of our 14 processing sites.


Option 2

Partial outsourced model is seamless and cost-efficient. Your own internal processing site simply opens and scans payments, while our integrated receivables hub hosts our proprietary processing software and all back-end lockbox functions.


Option 3

Flexible outsourced model lets you quickly expand your geographical footprint. You maintain your own internal processing sites and software while supplementing with one or more of our sites. We integrate the CheckAlt processing sites of your choosing back into your lockbox system.