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What Sets Our Consumer Mobile Capture Apart

CheckAlt’s Consumer Capture is integrated directly with your financial institution’s front-end mobile application to process your customers’ mobile deposited check items.

Custom Controls to Reduce Risk

Control risk parameters through a series of deposit approval rules.
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Extended Deposit Approval

Newly enhanced workflow provides more time for deposit review.
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Robust Online Portal

Fully hosted management portal allows for simplified search and filtering of consumer captured items.
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Detailed and Actionable Data

Track deposit holds, rejections, and approvals for account security assessment.

The Benefits of Consumer Mobile Capture

Benefits for Financial Institutions
Benefits for Customers

Consumer Mobile Capture gives financial institutions the ability to extend deposit approval with custom rules and settings for enhanced security. CheckAlt's sophisticated duplicate detection feature enables financial institutions to monitor mobile items to reduce the risk of fraud, giving financial institutions more control over deposits.

Consumer Mobile Capture ensures deposits are captured quickly and accurately, ensuring deposits are made to their account expeditiously. Payers can feel secure in that their financial institution has the ability to reduce the risk of fraud on accounts with Consumer Mobile Capture.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Consumer Mobile Capture work?

Consumer Mobile Capture is accessed by a financial institution’s mobile client vendor or internal development team through a set of APIs developed by CheckAlt. CheckAlt’s technology and implementation teams will work with your financial institution and any third-party vendors to ensure seamless integration.

What specific rules can a financial institution set with Consumer Mobile Capture?

Financial institutions have the option to hold and review deposits captured by a Consumer Mobile Capture enabled application based on specific rules. Financial institutions can choose to set limits on daily amounts deposited, transaction amounts, the number of items deposited, as well as rules for detecting duplicate deposits. This option is only available through API.

What are the different implementation options?
CheckAlt's Consumer Mobile Capture product can be implemented using our deposit service API. Alternatively, CheckAlt can import your mobile remote deposit capture items as a third party ICL file for a simplified integration.