Dolphin Debit Access Selects CheckAlt for ATM Image Deposit Processing Solution


CheckAlt today announced its selection by Dolphin Debit Access to provide its ATM Image Deposit Processing Solution. By adding this to their product suite, Dolphin Debit Access now has an even broader ATM outsource solution. This solution provides financial institutions with a more efficient alternative to in-house ATM management, delivering complete, worry-free ATM network services covering every aspect of ATM management, from site prep and equipment procurement to system updates, cash management and now, image check deposit processing and reconciliation.

“The team at Dolphin Debit Access are ATM management specialists with decades of experience,” said Shai Stern, CEO & co-chairman at CheckAlt. “The team at CheckAlt are image item and payment processing specialists also with decades of experience. Combine the expertise of our two teams and you’ve got a powerful combination ready to help financial institutions deploy a turnkey, full service ATM solution. This allows financial institutions to remain focused on executing key strategic initiatives and their business plan.

“Dolphin Debit and CheckAlt both want the same thing for our financial institution clients; to help them lower expenses and improve operational efficiency,” said Ben Allen, president of Dolphin Debit. “It is because of this shared vision that our new partnership makes so much sense.”

Automating the processing and consolidation of items received via image-enabled ATM’s using CheckAlt’s solution allows financial institutions to easily monitor check deposits in near real-time. Additionally, users are able to set business rules related to total deposit amount, individual check amount, duplicate suspect, amount changes and MICR data matching to maintain control over the workflow. Items can be flagged for review and action can be taken before a check is processed forward.


About Dolphin Debit
Dolphin Debit Access is a full-service ATM management company that owns and operates ATMs for financial institutions. Dolphin’s turnkey ATM service includes deployment of new ATM equipment combined with terminal driving, ATM maintenance, armored car service, communications, monitoring and dispatch, and cash management. Dolphin Debit operates all types of equipment in various on-premises and off-premises venues. In addition, Dolphin Debit has the rights to install and operate drive-up ATMs at Walmart/Murphy USA locations in multiple states. Dolphin Debit customizes solutions to the specific needs of clients, with a flexible, cost-saving approach that enables redeployment of company assets to improve the bottom line. For more information, visit

About CheckAlt
CheckAlt is a leading provider of financial technology solutions such as eChecks, Remote Deposit Capture (RDC), Mobile Payments, Lockbox and Image Item Processing. We help financial institutions expand their capabilities, improve processing efficiency, reduce costs and mitigate risk from all capture points. Our innovative white label payment solutions help financial institutions attract and maintain high-value commercial and small business customer relationships. We help all types of merchants who need an economical and more efficient way to get paid. Visit for more information.

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