What’s New with Money?

(The following is a first-person narrative editorial documenting an experience at Money20/20 in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 21-24, 2018.)

I’m back this week from a whirlwind trip to Money20/20 in Las Vegas. As always, the conference is a “who’s who” of the payments space, with more than 10,000 attendees.


However, I was struck by something my Uber driver asked me on the way to the airport after the conference. Upon hearing that I had attended Money 20/20, he responded with this question:

“So, what’s new with money?” 

After being at the show for two days, you would think I’d have a quick answer. After all, there were a lot of “hot topics” at the show this year, including digital identity verification and fraud detection, cross-border and currency exchange, blockchain, APIs and real-time payments.

However, are any of these really “new” topics, or are they just new applications of ideas we’ve been discussing for many years?
Still in the car on the way to the airport, I then considered my “highlights” from the show. These included seeing so many industry colleagues, catching up with some old connections, and also making new connections with some industry leaders. We talked about how we can all apply many of these ideas to improve the consumer experience and streamline the overall payments experience.
I should mention here that if you haven’t spoken to us about CheckAlt’s streamlined payments, electronic lockbox, and integrated treasury management solutions, send us a message here. We have some exciting new solutions hitting the market shortly!
Anyway, as I pondered “What’s new in money?” it occurred to me: old friends and colleagues, applying technology to streamline payments, and improving the customer experience are all “old” ideas but with new twists thanks to true omnichannel experiences and real-time capabilities. And, at CheckAlt, we are doing just that.

CheckAlt is creating new solutions based on the idea of improving the customer experience and ensuring our clients’ payment needs are being met—whether that’s through our integrated receivables, lockbox and e-lockbox processing, or electronic bill presentment and payment solutions.

So maybe the right answer is “what’s old is new again,” and maybe that’s okay!


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