Klik Technologies Can Also Augment Existing Treasury Management Services

Klik Technologies, Corp. is known best for providing lockbox treasury management solutions to banks and credit unions that don’t have the wherewithal, resources or expertise to perform such services in-house. But we can also partner with financial institutions that may have internal lockbox capabilities for their existing markets, but may need our services for new markets that are outside of their footprint.


For example, a bank may have lockbox processing capabilities located in Chicago, but not in Michigan where it wants to bid on being the principal depository institution for state or city municipal deposits. The bank needs to have some sort of physical presence in the state to bid on such deposits, but has determined that it would not be prudent to invest significant dollars in expanding its in-house lockbox capabilities for the one-off client in that market.  Additionally, municipalities certainly prefer to have their payments processed in their own city or state.


Financial institutions with these intentions have another option: because we have such a large geographic reach, they can partner with us in non-footprint markets. This enables them to gain a competitive advantage in localities where they may be chartered, but where they may not have branches or existing lockbox capabilities. Private-labeling our services significantly reduces the cost of entry into these new markets.


This can also add great flexibility to the kinds of treasury management services that financial institutions can offer in such markets, as each of Klik’s solutions – KlikRemit, eKlik, KliknPay, RemitStation, among others (explained further below) can work independently or banks and credit unions can mix and match them, depending on their needs.


Partnering with us can also greatly benefit the corporate clients of financial institutions that may need lockbox services in markets served by the institutions’ in-house lockbox capabilities, as well as non-footprint markets served by Klik’s solutions. Banks and credit unions can then integrate both daily transaction files, displaying them on either their own web portal or our Software-as-a Service portal that is private-labeled for them.


We are trying to make it as easy as we can for banks and credit unions to integrate their treasury management services with our solutions. Some financial institutions perform certain parts of the work, while using us for back-office processing and daily reporting of files. We’re able to provide all information reporting to the banks and credit unions, so that their corporate clients are able to obtain all information from the bank in one integrated file – providing them with a seamless experience.


Financial institutions should strongly consider augmenting their in-house treasury management services with Klik’s private-labeled solutions, to enable them to better compete in any market they choose – significantly boosting their bottom line.  



KlikRemit is a fully-hosted lockbox service, and is the foundation of a successful receivables management solution consolidating all payment types from all payment sources. It runs within a SaaS (Software as a Service) business model and is supported by a 13 site nationwide hub-and-spoke processing platform design. KlikRemit integrates and delivers payment data and images via a Web portal, in which user screens can be private labeled upon request with such things as logos, colors and product name.



eKlik simplifies the management of online banking checks by converting them into electronic payments, and merging them into a single electronic accounts receivable file to billers each day. At the same time, its advanced Web portal provides easy access to all data, images, reports and exception transactions associated with each payment. By consolidating online payments from all bill service providers, eKlik increases billers’ straight-through electronic payment processing rate and eliminates the need to juggle multiple relationships involving contracts, pricing, data feeds and account reconcilement.



RemitStation is the industry’s first completely turnkey, hosted virtual lockbox solution to fully integrate and automate receivables payment streams for corporate billers and financial institutions. Users simply scan images of payments using hardware at the desktop and a Web-based user interface, and images and data are sent to Klik’s lockbox technology platform. RemitStation includes image capture of checks, large and small remittance documents, credit card vouchers, envelopes and correspondence.



KliknPay is an online payments application that uses the Automated Clearing House (ACH) payment system to move authorized funds from consumers’ bank accounts to the biller’s operating account. It offers consumer payers secure Web enrollment to make recurring payments and one time payments.



KlikPrint is a bill printing and mailing solution. Klik’s in-house processing facility in New York provides printing, collating, inserting and mailing of customer correspondence such as end-user bills, notices and related mailings. KlikPrint is a complementary front-end service to KlikRemit’s lockbox payment processing.


Consolidated Receivables

Consolidated Receivables is a comprehensive payment integration solution. Regardless of the payment channel or payment type, Klik consolidates the payments data and provides billers with a single electronic posting file in a consistent format for simple, easy posting of receivables. Reports are available daily on a secure Web portal and provide all payment related details by payment channel.


About Klik

Klik, previously a wholly-owned subsidiary of MUFG Union Bank N.A, in June was acquired by CheckAlt, a leader in mobile and Check 21 payment and item processing solutions. The acquisition further strengthens CheckAlt’s position as a leading provider of payment solutions for financial institutions nationwide. The company’s solutions power hundreds of financial institutions and corporate clients enabling them to optimize the customer experience from any point of presentment, whether at the branch, ATM, online, customer location or on-the-go via mobile banking solutions.


The combined company has a staff of approximately 300 with 17 processing sites nationwide. CheckAlt and MUFG Union Bank are now working closely together on an orderly transition to service close to 500 financial institutions and hundreds of corporate customers for Check 21 solutions, and thousands of merchants through mobile and electronic processing.

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