How the Right Software Solves ATM Woes for Banks and Credit Unions

While some ATM users associate the equipment as a relic of a past generation such as pay phones, ATM technology has evolved in exciting ways to support the needs of financial institution customers through lower costs and increased security. 


Not all ATM software is created equal. At CheckAlt, our ATM software has been enhanced over the years to incorporate unique features and functionality that solve for some expensive operational activities. For example, many banks and credit unions are forced to pick up the tab any time a technician is needed to install software upgrades on individual ATMs. This time-consuming process requires manual effort for sometimes hundreds of ATMs in a single fleet.  


Instead of deploying “feet on the street,” CheckAlt’s ATM customers can (and should) utilize our ATM Universal Installer which allows CheckAlt to remotely install software upgrades across entire ATM fleets. What was once a laborious effort can become a simple task that saves financial institutions time and money while ensuring ATMs remain secure and efficient. 


CheckAlt’s ATM software has three main features: 

1. It takes transactions from the devices and sends them over to CheckAlt for processing.

2. It encrypts transactions and cleans up the data every couple of days to keep things neat and secure. 

3. It monitors whether or not an ATM is functioning, or has what we call a “heartbeat.” 

The third feature in this list is a key differentiator from other ATM software on the market. Scanning ATM fleets every five minutes, CheckAlt's ATM heartbeat monitoring system can immediately detect an ATM outage. If an ATM stops functioning, our system will send an email notification to CheckAlt’s Customer Experience team as well as to the customer and even to the ATM manufacturer (based on custom settings). 


Each CheckAlt ATM customer gains access to our online management portal, which allows financial institution staff to establish business rules associated with individual check amounts, total deposit amounts, check duplications, amount changes, and even MICR data to meet internal standards and protocols. Recognizing each financial institution has its own ATM manufacturer relationship, CheckAlt has prioritized working with all major ATM manufacturers including Diebold, NCR, Hyosung, Cummins Allison, and even Welch which rebrands Diebold and NCR ATMs.


All of these features combined with our industry-leading fraud detection capabilities gives our team the confidence in serving the ATM deposit automation needs of hundreds of banks and credit unions across the country. If you would like to learn more about CheckAlt’s ATM Agent, please visit or call us at 213-634-7187. 

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