Accept and process consolidated payments of all types across multiple channels using one seamlessly integrated platform to create greater efficiencies and streamline business operations.

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Our Solutions for Remittance Processing








Lockbox Processing Services

Our unique nationwide hub-and-spoke capture site model offers a highly portable, flexible, and scalable approach to retail, wholetail, and wholesale lockbox processing.


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Remote Lockbox

Use a web-connected PC and desktop scanner to capture payments in your office and transmit them into CheckAlt’s Lockbox system.


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Electronic Lockbox

Simplifies the management of online banking checks by converting them into electronic payments and merging them into a single electronic accounts receivable file to provide to you each day. 


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Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment

 Presents summary statements online, and allows your customers to make payments electronically.


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Bill Print and Mail Services

 Enables you to provide printing, collating, inserting, and mailing for customer correspondence that integrates with lockbox processing.


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Integrated Receivables Benefits for Businesses


  • Consolidated daily dashboard view of overall deposit activity.
      • Secure web portal serves as a single source of all receivables information.
      • Same-day detailed, accurate payment information presented by payment channel.
      • A single electronic receivables posting file in a common format for all payment channels.
      • Internal resource efficiencies in managing receivables processing.
      • More efficient payment posting process with less exceptions.
      • Improved customer relations.