Invoice Print Services

✓ Integrates seamlessly with your existing receivables cycle


✓ Streamlines billing processes through single-source processing


✓ Minimizes payment exceptions and reduces costs

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Benefits to Billers

  • Using a combination of fixed and variable information defined during implementation, CheckAlt creates an exceptionally user-friendly form.
  • The location is determined during the implementation and proofing procedure.
  • Your company submits billing data to CheckAlt – the files can be provided in the format and via input methods that best meet your needs. 


Benefits to Businesses

  • Improved billing processes with advanced technology to produce and mail customer statements.
  • Decreased cost with USPS per-piece postage discounts available through CheckAlt.
  • Streamlined processes with a single-source supporting the end-to-end receivables processing cycle.
  • Minimized payment exceptions during lockbox processes.