CheckAlt Partners with Tru Treasury to Provide Enhanced Credit Union Services for Corporate Members

CheckAlt is pleased to announce its partnership with credit union service organization Tru Treasury to assist credit unions with their paper and electronic payment processing needs for attracting and retaining corporate members.

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CheckAlt's Weekly Update: July 10, 2020

During a call yesterday, I was asked why we chose the name “CheckAlt” for our company. While initially our primary focus was on the processing of paper checks, we soon realized from working with clients like you that we also needed to address all of the alternative forms of payment, such as ACH, cards, and online bill pay checks. Hence the “Alt” in CheckAlt. In the past 10 years, CheckAlt has become the house of payments—from the check to the alt—and we are grateful to provide payment processing solutions for your varying needs.

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CheckAlt's Weekly Update: July 3, 2020

The opportunities and challenges presented in first half of 2020 resulted in an incredible amount of growth for our organization. Amidst the public health concerns and social unrest, CheckAlt has stayed the course and become the payments “house” by designing, developing, and providing modern check, online bill pay, and card payment processing solutions for you.

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CheckAlt's Weekly Update: June 26, 2020

I hope you all had a wonderful week. As you may know, on Tuesday I had the great honor of celebrating the union of my son Zvi to his wonderful bride Kayla. The event was a beautiful reminder of the power of human connection and the value of creating a memorable, pleasant experience. Life is about experience, and I will cherish the memories of that day for the rest of my life.

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CheckAlt's Weekly Update: June 19, 2020

I am delighted to share more positive news with you this week. First, we are proud to announce our partnership with RMS, the leading provider of healthcare remittance management services, to create a joint solution for our healthcare clients to augment our lockbox services nationwide. Read the press release here.

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CheckAlt Partners with RMS to Accelerate Healthcare Payment Processing

CheckAlt, which processes more than 500,000 patient payments and 250,000 explanation of benefits (EOB) payments per month for healthcare lockbox clients, recently partnered with RMS to accelerate the revenue cycle and improve cash flow for healthcare clients.

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CheckAlt and Pawtucket Credit Union Expand Partnership

CheckAlt has expanded its partnership with Pawtucket Credit Union to provide lockbox processing services for its corporate membership.

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CheckAlt's Weekly Update: June 12, 2020

I hope you are well. CheckAlt continues to operate at full capacity in our hybrid mode with employees working in-house and remotely.

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CheckAlt Expands Partnership with Yolo Federal Credit Union to Provide Streamlined Loan Payment Processing

CheckAlt is proud to support credit unions like Yolo Federal Credit Union as they shift toward digital payment tools that enhance member experience.

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CheckAlt's Weekly Update: May 22, 2020

CheckAlt’s continued strength during these unprecedented times is reflected in the growing number of opportunities to serve our existing and new clients. We are grateful to serve you.

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CheckAlt's Weekly Update: May 15, 2020

In these times when it seems no one is certain of anything, Jerry Stiller’s one message to all of us would be: SERENITY NOW!

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CheckAlt's Weekly Update: May 8, 2020

I hope you all had a great week. This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and I am proud to celebrate the amazing mothers in my family and the many amazing mothers on our CheckAlt team.

As many of us anticipated, new data is showing a spike in remote deposit capture technology usage as financial institutions and businesses operate in a partially or fully virtual way. If you or your customers need assistance processing mail, CheckAlt is here to help as your primary or secondary resource.

We are observing the impacts of systemic USPS mail delivery delays across our nationwide processing network due to USPS staffing shortages. CheckAlt is also seeing USPS mail volumes come in lighter on normally the heaviest days of the week/month (e.g. first Monday of the month), yet come in heavier on other days (e.g. Wednesdays when mail is usually much lighter). This is in addition to the USPS extension of package service delivery commitments we shared with you on April 17.

I want to reiterate that our team is 100% engaged on processing all work as it comes in. Though USPS response times have slowed due to these systemic delays, we are constantly communicating with our post office contacts and are aware of their efforts to secure additional staffing in areas of heavy USPS call outs.

During Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholder meeting, chairman and CEO Warren Buffet said the following: “Fear is the most contagious disease you can imagine. It makes the virus look like a piker.” (A piker is “one who gambles or speculates with small amounts of money.”) We must not let fear derail our focus. I am pleased to report that CheckAlt’s staffing levels have returned to normal as we continue to operate in our hybrid mode of team members social distancing at all of our sites across the U.S. while others work remotely.

Stay healthy and safe, have a great weekend, and happy Mother’s Day!

Shai Stern

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CheckAlt's Weekly Update: April 24, 2020

I want to start off this week’s update with an uplifting story. We are incredibly proud of our CIO Ram Bajaj for generously giving his time to help lead a food drive in the Los Angeles area, providing bags of groceries to families in need during this challenging time.

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CheckAlt's Weekly Update: April 17, 2020

This is the first of our now weekly updates to clients during these unprecedented times. I am pleased to share the continued success of CheckAlt’s hybrid approach, which involves those who can work remotely doing so and those needed to assist with processing coming into the office valiantly. Our daily sanitization efforts continue, as well as providing cleaning supplies and masks at our facilities.

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CheckAlt Daily Status Updates

April 14, 2020


Today, CheckAlt continues to operate from a position of strength with a dedicated focus on keeping our employees safe and workplaces sanitized.

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