Friday Update from CheckAlt

Happy Friday. In light of the recent news, I wanted to share the following message with you:

New York, California, and localities across the U.S. have begun to enact temporary restrictions on non-essential business operations, asking millions of people to stay home. We want you to know that CheckAlt is considered essential and is not subject to these temporary restrictions. Our production teams across the country are working diligently to process mail for financial institutions and businesses that power our economy. We are in constant communication with our mail carriers including USPS, which is also considered an essential business and remains operational.

If you are concerned about not being able to pick up mail for your business, CheckAlt is here to help. Whether you are scanning payments using CheckAlt’s remote lockbox or merchant remote deposit capture solutions—or you have customers who are using a different solution—please contact us immediately and we will work with you to direct mail strategically across our nationwide, 13-site processing network.

Stay healthy and safe!

Shai Stern

Co-Chairman and CEO



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