CheckAlt’s Acquisition of Klik Expands Customer Reach in Homeowner’s Associations and Property Management Industry


CheckAlt acquired Klik Technologies, a provider of receivables solutions nationwide, last week to expand its national footprint and product offerings, within the real estate management industry. Both CheckAlt and Klik share many years of experience providing best of breed solutions to homeowner associations (HOAs) and property management companies. The acquisition will further strengthen CheckAlt’s position as a leading provider of treasury management solutions to financial institutions.

The combined company will offer a broader set of solutions for payment processing capabilities allowing HOAs and property management companies to reduce transactional costs and increase operational efficiencies. The acquisition has also broadened CheckAlt’s geographic presence by increasing the number of lockbox sites to 17 across the United States, allowing the new CheckAlt to better service both regional and national clients.

Prior to the acquisition, CheckAlt received the Bank Director’s Best of FinXTech Award, which recognizes successful collaborations between a financial institution and a fintech company that have substantially improved an existing product or service. The collaboration provided a more intutitive lockbox platform while reducing processing costs, and delivering a higher level of customer satisfaction – a common need amongst real estate clients. With the recent expansion, CheckAlt will continue to collaborate with its customers and increase its product development efforts in the highly competitive commercial, multi-family and association services industry.

“The highly-regarded acquisition of Klik brings new capabilities to CheckAlt,” said Shai Stern, CEO and Co-Chairman of CheckAlt. “Klik’s real estate foundation and history servicing the industry will allow us to increase our service offerings to real estate clients. We would like to encourage all of our current and prospective clients to communicate with us, and discover the new opportunities to enhance your current processes.”


About Klik Technologies, Corp.
Klik Technologies, Corp., now a wholly owned subsidiary of CheckAlt, offers comprehensive receivables solutions to financial institutions and direct clients across the U.S. Klik’s 13 site-network of processing locations and customizable proprietary software offers a unique white-label solution to financial institutions and a variety of businesses. Klik has over 120 employees and is headquartered in Valley Cottage, NY. For additional information, visit


About CheckAlt
CheckAlt offers best of breed Check 21 solutions nationwide. These solutions include consolidated, advanced item processing, lockbox processing and white label solutions, such as CheckAlt Remit, LoanPay and Mobile Business Capture. CheckAlt has 135 employees and is headquartered in Miami, FL. For more information, visit

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