CheckAlt's Weekly Update: May 22, 2020

CheckAlt’s continued strength during these unprecedented times is reflected in the growing number of opportunities to serve our existing and new clients. We are grateful to serve you.

Our production staff across the country have observed further USPS delays and delivery errors stemming from USPS that have affected some clients. We are regularly communicating with USPS and relay the latest information to affected clients through our dedicated relationship management team.

In addition, we at CheckAlt are monitoring government actions as they explore reopening cities, counties, and entire states, while we remain in our hybrid mode of both virtual and in-house work.

During my weekly call with the entire CheckAlt team this morning, I could feel our collective sense of gratitude for those whose friends and family members who sacrificed their lives serving this country as we go into Memorial Day weekend. We extend this gratitude to your colleagues and relatives on this and every Memorial Day.

If you are venturing out to the many beaches in this country that will be or already are reopened, please remember to stay healthy and safe.

Have a great weekend!
Shai Stern

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