CheckAlt's Weekly Update: July 10, 2020

During a call yesterday, I was asked why we chose the name “CheckAlt” for our company. While initially our primary focus was on the processing of paper checks, we soon realized from working with clients like you that we also needed to address all of the alternative forms of payment, such as ACH, cards, and online bill pay checks. Hence the “Alt” in CheckAlt. In the past 10 years, CheckAlt has become the house of payments—from the check to the alt—and we are grateful to provide payment processing solutions for your varying needs.

This week we shared some great comments from team members about the strength of our organization and our vision. Read our VP of Midwest Credit Unions Trish Di Maggio-Zander’s list here and the great comment from our Senior Relationship Manager Tammy Ramirez here.

We have very exciting news coming next week about product innovations that CheckAlt continues to develop and deliver during the pandemic. I am very proud of our dedicated team working at full capacity to realize our company vision and act every day to improve services and customer experience.

Many of you are preparing for the tropical storm currently in New Jersey and headed for the greater New York area, and heavy rain storms in South Florida. At CheckAlt we are constantly monitoring weather patterns in addition to the latest public and safety news to ensure we remain at the ready to nimbly address any situation that arises and keep payments flowing.

Stay healthy and safe!
Shai Stern

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