CheckAlt's Weekly Update: April 17, 2020

This is the first of our now weekly updates to clients during these unprecedented times. I am pleased to share the continued success of CheckAlt’s hybrid approach, which involves those who can work remotely doing so and those needed to assist with processing coming into the office valiantly. Our daily sanitization efforts continue, as well as providing cleaning supplies and masks at our facilities.

I’m proud to announce that CheckAlt has become a member of the African American Credit Union Coalition, aligning our organization with the AACUC’s mission to support increased diversity and inclusion among those who understand the culture and credo of credit unions.

In addition, our growth team has been doing a fantastic job deepening existing relationships and developing new ones. One of our most recent successes is a new partnership with SPARE to develop an innovative remote deposit capture solution. You can read about it here.

The latest update we have from USPS is an announcement that, effective today, both Priority Mail’s two- and three-day service commitments have officially been extended to three and four days respectively. The same extension applies to USPS First-Class Package Service commitments. We will closely monitor mail delivery for any impacts due to these changes and keep you updated.

Have wonderful weekend, and as always please stay healthy and safe!

Shai Stern

Co-Chairman and CEO


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