CheckAlt Update: January 22, 2021

I often enjoy sharing motivational messages with CheckAlt employees, and yesterday I shared an important quote from Ray Dalio with our team: “Own your outcomes.” 


Outcomes result from our actions. The only way to change outcomes is to change our actions, our behavior. If you took action on something this week and the outcome was less than—or not even close to—what you had intended, it’s is critically important for you to look carefully at your actions for opportunities to improve through change. Another great quote comes to mind, this one from Jim Rohn: “Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change."

Change isn’t easy; it’s hard, especially if we try to do it alone. Just as we at CheckAlt make a daily effort to make the changes we need to grow and better serve our clients, we know our clients need powerful, user-friendly, and secure technology and services to help their businesses operate and grow. One example is the opportunity for our remote deposit capture (RDC) API to enable digital mailrooms to minimize manual processes and deposit customer checks received in the mail faster.

We identified a gap in the market and a business problem our RDC API could solve, and I can only describe it as a joy to be a change agent for digital mailrooms—and for all of the businesses we serve directly and through our channel clients. In case you would like to learn more, please find a data sheet about our RDC API for digital mailrooms here.

This week on our LinkedIn page, we shared a few interesting articles commentating about the past year’s learnings and what lies ahead: a post about reflecting on the ATM industry in 2020, a post about more people joining the digital payments landscape, and a post about the value of planning ahead for credit unions.

Let us own our outcomes, and make the changes we need to improve those outcomes, for a better future.

Stay healthy and safe!
Shai Stern

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