CheckAlt Update: April 19, 2021

JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon released his annual letter to shareholders about a week ago, and always intrigued by Mr. Dimon’s leadership I combed through the letter for insights and inspiration. Here are a few noteworthy selections from the letter that resonated with me and reflect similar sentiments and actions taken by CheckAlt in 2020:
• “I am proud of our what our company…achieved, collectively and individually.”
• “…it is remarkable how much we persevered and have accomplished…in our steadfast dedication to help clients.”
• “We…continued to make significant investments in products, people, and technology… These important investments will also drive our company’s future prospects and position it to grow and prosper for decades.”
One of the significant investments CheckAlt made in the past year was our acquisition of U.S. Dataworks, which included a platform developed to be a real-time payments engine. CheckAlt CheckAlt’s Chief Development Officer David Peterson authored an article last week highlighting the platform, Clearingworks, and its capabilities to enable RTP. Read it here.
We also posted to LinkedIn about our ATM services and the value of supporting entire fleets of ATMs for consumers seeking contactless experiences. Our unique ATM “heartbeat” monitoring helps keep ATM deposits flowing.
Our investments in talent and technology continue to pay off as we attract more fintech clients like Synctera, for which we are providing mobile RDC services. Read about our new partnership with Synctera in this PYMNTS article here.
As we head into the week, I want to share with you these six lessons from leadership at JPMC, also shared in Mr. Dimon’s shareholder letter:
1. Enforce a good decision-making process.
2. Examine raw data and focus on real numbers.
3. Understand when analysis is necessary and when it impedes change.
4. Before conducting an important analysis, assess all factors involved.
5. Always deal with reality.
6. Remain open to learning how to become a better leader.
These are lessons I often share with CheckAlt employees during our weekly company calls, and personally reflect upon in my approach to leading our beautiful company. Have a wonderful weekend, and as always, remember to stay healthy and safe.
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