CheckAlt Partners with Zego™ (Powered by PayLease) to Provide Lockbox Processing for Property Managers

CheckAlt and Zego jointly announced a strategic partnership to provide lockbox processing services for property management companies, giving residents and homeowners more flexibility to pay by check or money order while automating the receivables process around paper payments.


“There’s a misnomer that checks are dead, but this couldn’t be further from the truth,” CheckAlt's Chief Growth Officer Allison Murray said in a statement. “There are millions and millions of checks being used every day and CheckAlt is thrilled to partner with Zego to provide solutions to meet payers where they are, while also pulling payments into a single location to make the management of receivables easier and more seamless for property managers.”


Zego's Chief Product Officer Stephen Baker commented, “Through our partnership with CheckAlt, we are very excited to offer a modern payments lockbox solution that meets the needs of today’s property managers. We see Zego Pay Lockbox as truly a win-win: Residents and homeowners get the flexibility to pay how they choose, while our customers enjoy the convenience of a single platform to manage all payment types.”


Read the full press release here and coverage by PYMNTS here.



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