CheckAlt Executive Team Hosts Client Reception in Miami

After a tumultuous year for everyone around the world, CheckAlt’s executive leadership, led by Co-Chairman and CEO Shai Stern, hosted a special event for clients on April 24 at an outdoor venue overlooking the bay in Miami so we could safely meet face-to-face.


We called it the “It’s Been a Year – Would Be Nice to See You” reception, and it was great to spend the time with clients and the CheckAlt family. So great, in fact, that we brought along a professional videographer with a drone to capture the experience! Enjoy this video and feel free to share it with your colleagues.



Here are some notable quotes from CheckAlt executives highlighted in the video:


“We are a fast-growing company, an exciting industry to be in, and it’s booming,” said Ram Bajaj, CIO of CheckAlt, in between strategy sessions with the executive team.


Operations Manager Kristina Rogers said, “One of the wonderful things about working at CheckAlt is the diversity of the employees. You really do get a global point of view."


“Everyone takes great pride in ensuring that from start to finish we communicate, and we deliver the best possible experience,” noted Stacey Bryant, EVP of Credit Unions, East Coast. 


“One of the things that we have at CheckAlt is a very systemic payments platform,” explained Chief Development Officer David Peterson. “Shai Stern calls it the House of Payments, the ability for us to provide any type of payment, both outsource and insource, tailored specifically for each and every customer need. And you know what? It makes us a pretty special company."


CheckAlt’s Controller Martin Tollinsky stated, “In the Finance Department [at CheckAlt], we always want to put our best foot forward. When a client calls, we want to be very responsive: we want to be responsive to their needs and get them the answer that they’re looking for in the fastest way possible. … At CheckAlt, everyone is one team, making sure that our customers get the best answers as fast as possible and to show premier service all the time.”


Our Managing Director of Software Engineering Maourice Gonzalez summarized CheckAlt well: “We are driving innovation in the marketplace by making sure we’re one step ahead in delivering the best services and experiences possible.”




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