CheckAlt, CU Wireless and iParse Selected by Lowland Credit Union to Power Mobile Deposits

Industry partners CheckAlt, CU Wireless and iParse today announced that its joint mobile deposit solution was selected by Lowland Credit Union enabling members to deposit checks using their smartphones.

“CheckAlt, and its partners, differentiate ourselves by our ability to quickly implement our solutions,” said Shai Stern, co-chairman and CEO of CheckAlt. “It took less than 7 days to set up Lowland CU with CheckAlt’s Mobile Deposit Solution.”

The mobile deposit capture solution enables credit union members to take a picture of a check and deposit it to the selected account via smartphone. CheckAlt, CU Wireless and iParse offer this solution as a standalone product, or as part of an integrated mobile banking solution.

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About CheckAlt
CheckAlt is a leading provider of Check 21 application & processing solutions such as eChecks, Remote Deposit Capture (RDC), Mobile Payments, Lockbox and Item Processing. We help financial institutions improve processing efficiency, lower expenses and mitigate risk from all capture points. Our innovative white label payment solutions help financial institutions attract and maintain high-value commercial and small business customer relationships. We help all types of merchants who need an economical and more efficient way to get paid. Visit for more information.

About iParse
iParse is a mobile banking technology provider, developing innovative smart phone applications for the financial services industry including the patented Point and Capture technology which recognizes checks and captures their image automatically.

About CU Wireless
CU Wireless is a 100% credit union owned CUSO based in Salem, Oregon. CU Wireless offers mobile services to credit unions and members throughout the United States through innovative technologies and partnerships.

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