CheckAlt Celebrates Explosive Growth This Fourth of July

As our clients and partners make plans to enjoy the Fourth of July fireworks and festivities this week, we at CheckAlt are celebrating in our own way—highlighting the great work being done by the CheckAlt teams across the country.


"I'm very proud of the work our team has accomplished in the first half of 2018," said Shai Stern, CEO and chairman of CheckAlt. "We're solving problems for our clients, streamlining internal operations and building a sustainable financial technology company for the future."


Expanding Operations: CheckAlt Klik Launches New Processing Site in Arizona


The Klik division of CheckAlt launched a new processing site in Tempe, Ariz. on May 15. The site started up with just one person—Juan Canjura, a 15-year employee of CheckAlt Klik in New York. But thanks to the help of colleagues in Miami, New York, and Michigan, the site staff ramped up thus far to 11 associates, with Canjura serving as the site manager.


Since May 22, the site has successfully met client delivery requirements, including complex tax payments amongst numerous other payment varieties, said Peter Hickman, Vice President of Operations for CheckAlt Klik.


As CheckAlt expands its operations, our goal is to recruit youthful talent from local colleges and experienced talent from organizations in the Tempe area. “We have become a premier destination for professional development in the Arizona market,” Hickman said.


In the next couple of months, Hickman expects to consolidate current operations from Phoenix into the new, state-of-the-art facility in Tempe. Converting the operations from a single-customer site to a multi-customer site gives the new Tempe associates exposure to different types of work and a quicker trajectory for career growth.


Hickman said he is pleased with the work CheckAlt has done with this new site launch and the direction the company is headed. "This is an example of CheckAlt doing things in a forward-thinking manner, understanding the needs of clients and being prepared for expected growth in our business," he said.



CheckAlt Eras Enhances ATM Capture to Create a Stronger Suite of Item Processing Solutions


CheckAlt's Eras team proudly released ATM Capture 2.1 in June for our item processing clients with ATM networks.


CheckAlt’s ATM Capture 2.1 release provided several enhancements, including a universal installer to deploy the update on ATMs remotely without having to schedule time with a vendor for manual installations at each ATM.


With this release, CheckAlt is now able to remotely connect to many of our clients' ATM networks and, in the process, streamline our onboarding workflow, making it easier to offer a consolidated item processing solution to our clients.


"Many financial institutions have been looking for ways to consolidate item processing to one vendor," said Simone Myers, Head of Operations for the CheckAlt Eras division. "It's more cost effective for them, and it saves them time. Having a single vendor means one due diligence review for one contract, and one direct contact to help resolve issues. Plus, we can do a better job with fraud detection amongst all channels. That's a definite added value."


And that's something we're doing more of with current ATM Capture clients. "We do a great job at ATM processing," Myers explained. "But we do much more."


This new version of CheckAlt's ATM Capture also represents important security feature enhancements and requirements, including encryption to protect a card holder's data. CheckAlt's ATM Capture 2.1 encrypts deposit files and information contained within those files on installed ATMs. This is part of our ongoing effort to always be ahead of the curve in providing the best, secure technology to all our clients, Myers said.


Moreover, this new version of ATM Capture allows us to gather better data on ATM usage, and further automate deposits, making payments happen faster for our clients.

"I must give accolades to CheckAlt's Managing Director of Product Delivery Karl Cherry and his team of developers who worked diligently to make this release a success," she said.


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About CheckAlt

CheckAlt is the largest independent provider of lockbox and treasury solutions in the country. CheckAlt’s solutions include lockbox processing across 14 locations nationwide, consolidated item processing, omnichannel integrated treasury solutions and mobile capture services. CheckAlt’s client base includes 600+ financial institutions. CheckAlt is headquartered in Los Angeles, Calif. For more information, visit

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