Case Study: CheckAlt Scales Check Payment Processing for Global Insurance Provider AmTrust Financial

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - May 28, 2019—A new case study examining the growth of AmTrust Financial Services, Inc.’s (AmTrust) in-house lockbox processing operation showcases CheckAlt’s ability to stay nimble as clients scale their operations.


According to the case study, AmTrust selected CheckAlt as a partner in its in-house lockbox operation based on CheckAlt’s experience in the payments industry—particularly with Check 21 payments, the creation of image cash letter (ICL) files, and its sophisticated check image data recognition software.


“Our relationship with CheckAlt is the foundation of our check processing system,” AmTrust Vice President Cash Operations James Buller said. By integrating CheckAlt’s technology into its processing system from day one, AmTrust can both process and apply payments the same day. “CheckAlt’s support is scalable,” Buller said. “There isn’t a limit to the number of items AmTrust can process, on the high end or low end. CheckAlt can help insurance companies large and small. AmTrust is proof of that, having started small and become a big business.”


Download the case study below to learn more about how CheckAlt supports the insurance industry.

Download the Case Study

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