Item Processing
CheckAlt’s item processing services are used by over 600 banks and credit unions and are available individually or together for a consolidated solution. 

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    Our Item Processing Solutions




Deposit Solutions

With CheckAlt’s item processing solutions, you can capture retail and commercial deposits from all capture points.  All items can be easily accessed through one seamlessly integrated management platform.


  • Branch capture
  • Teller capture
  • ATM capture
  • Mobile capture


Back-office Solutions

Leverage CheckAlt’s back-office solutions for added visibility and advanced capabilities:


  • Deposit approval
  • Duplicate detection
  • Reconciliation reports
  • Inclearings/share drafts


Document Solutions

Enhance your item processing product suite and improve customer satisfaction with our comprehensive document solutions:


  • Image archive
  • Document imaging
  • Statement rendering
Training and Marketing Programs

Educate your staff and customers through our dedicated product training and marketing programs.

  • Staff Training
  • Customer Training & Support
  • Marketing Programs for Private-label Solutions


CheckAlt Can Help Your Financial Institution


  • Automate check processing
  • Reduce exceptions
  • Create operational efficiencies
  • Gain visibility across all deposits to your institution
  • Reduce your vendor management requirements
  • Utilize a single processing vendor for security and compliance reviews that allows for duplicate detection, which audits items across all platforms