Electronic Lockbox Processing
eKlik™ simplifies the management of online banking checks by converting them into electronic payments and merging them into a single electronic accounts receivable file each day. 

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   How eKlik™ Works




eKlik complements your existing lockbox and other payment channel applications with CheckAlt. Any payments received via eKlik are fully integrated within reports and data from channels. With CheckAlt, you have a one-stop integrated payments processing engine.


  • Maintains direct links to a series of major payment originators. These payments are channeled electronically into eKlik each day and then posted to your bank account.
  • Consolidates payment details into a single, daily electronic accounts receivable file. This file can be transmitted or accessed through our central receivables web portal.
  • Provides transaction data images for each payment received alongside paper-based check images and value-added activity reports on our web portal.
  • Eliminates the need to juggle multiple relationships with payment originators and the associated contracts, pricing schedules, data feeds, and account reconcilements.



Benefits to Businesses

Payments processed by payment originators are received into CheckAlt’s payments database to ensure payments remain electronic instead of becoming printed checks that are mailed to your lockbox.


Improved Accuracy and Operating Efficiency

Account mask rules validate billing account numbers to match the defined structure for your billing accounts.


Reduced Exception Handling

Your exception rules can mirror those of the lockbox to determine whether payments are deposited or tagged as exceptions.


Archived Images for Payment Research

A seven-year archive is maintained for access to eKlik images alongside paper check images.


Reconciled Transactions

An improved process provides informative internal and external reports.