Electronic Bill Pay and Presentment

✓ Quickly and easily present statements online and accept payments electronically


✓ Fully integrated web portal supports multiple payment channels and types


✓ Improve cash flow predictability and reduce your billing costs

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   KliknPay™ Features




Simple Setup

Customer account and invoice data can be loaded directly into the platform to allow for fast and easy configuration. Setup and launch take just a few days, not months.


Channel Support

We provide financial institution partners with the tools they need to market the service to their biller clients.


Software as a Service (SaaS)

Our secure, multiple-site redundant application enables 24x7x365 operations.


Reports and Audit

A rich set of real-time reports enables your staff to analyze usage, provide transaction-level support, and reconcile transactions.


Newly Enhanced Features

KliknPay™ leverages innovative technology to offer a robust suite of bill and payment offerings within a single platform:


  • Fully hosted and private-label options.
  • Multiple integrated payment channels including ACH, credit and debit.
  • One-time and recurring payments through web and mobile applications.
  • Enrolled and unenrolled payer functions.
  • English and Spanish language support.


Biller Benefits

  • Access information easily including outstanding bills‚ payment activity‚ and expected collections.
  • Provide your customers with statement and payment information to reduce support calls.
  • Reduce payment processing costs, as well as days sales outstanding (DSO) through efficient processing and posting of payments.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by providing the convenient payment choices that customers expect.


Payer Benefits

  • Access invoices and payment history and make payments from the web or mobile device any time.
  • Avoid late fees by setting up automated payments and requesting alerts.
  • Receive real-time confirmation of payments.
  • Eliminate the lead time and postal expenses associated with mailing checks.